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The Longevity Center
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This Qigong instructional video series is designed to awaken the energetic healing potential that all beings possess. Set in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, this video features stunning nature footage combined with the beautiful soothing music of PC Davidoff and the guidance of Arnold E. Tayam, Professor, Doctor of Medical Qigong and Director of The Longevity Center.

This simple practice from the Bagua Wudang Mountain tradition is based on the I Ching, The Book of Changes. This classic is the master template for the original culture of China. The Chinese healing arts develop the Qi, or vital life force energy, which flows through a network of energetic pathways and points, yielding a number of potential health benefits. Stress reduction, strengthened digestion, improved immune function, increased energy, and the balancing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit, are just some of the rich rewards awaiting the one who diligently practices.

The video is set up in an easy to follow format. Practice of this routine takes only a few minutes a day and requires no special equipment.

Through this practice, we harmonize our inner nature with the outer nature by listening to the elements of the Universe. By following the Way of nature, our true Master, we transform our essence, energy and spirit to become one, dissolving into the Infinite….


Runtime: 32 minutes

Video Segments:

Infinite Qigong Standing – First 3 minutes

Rotating Heaven and Earth – ~12 minutes

Closing – ~2 minutes

Ocean Meditation – ~12 minutes

Price: One-time payment of $9.99 for instant streaming access.

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Infin8Bagua Qigong Video

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